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Mountains are just so ridiculously happy.  Specifically, the Appalachian Mountains…  gosh they’re amazing.

We had a good drive down.  Honestly, nothing interesting happened.  There were eight of us wedged together…  quite cozy.  We were all very happy to see Asheville.

Stopped at the Wal-Mart in Waverly because Isaac managed to break his flip-flop ::in the car::  Mary Rose, Erin & I almost got left behind because we went to the toy section thinking that they others would call when they were ready to go…  except none of us had our phones with us…  whoops…

So yes, we left about 0630, which was only half-hour later than our original estimated departure time.  We arrived in Asheville about 1600, so pretty good time for us.  I will say that I think I’m getting way too old to clamber in and out of the back seat of that car.

Lunch at Arby’s, snacks at Dairy Queen, but supper at a local joint down the road, The Moose Cafe.  Actually, not too bad despite it’s one-star rating in the AAA guide.

Tomorrow will hopefully incorporate the North Carolina Arboretum, which is supposed to include SIXTY-FIVE acres of gardens, and some antique shops (of course).

So not much to report today, but more is coming tomorrow…  for now, we’re all just kicking back and enjoying life away from normal chores.  :-D

Y’all stay in touch!


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