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Hot & muggy here in Asheville; sounds like it was even more humid at home…  rain, rain, rain.

This morning we spent at the North Carolina Arboretum.  Not gonna lie–if any of you are ever in Asheville, you should hit this place up.  It was eight bucks a carload and had ACRES of formal gardens plus loads of trails through the woods.  The arboretum also has one of the largest collections of bonsai in the country.  Since bonsai is awesome, we had a great time looking at it–

Bonsai is VERY happy.

This place had totally random gardens, like the one that looked like a quilt when you viewed it from the observation platform…

Sadly, this park was very much devoid of magic.  The only place that came close were these square trees–

Mary Rose & I think that the fountain was helping.

The hike we took wound along a creek.  Like Mary Rose said, it kinda felt like a fake rainforest with all the rhododendrons.

It’s almost annoying how everywhere you look is like a postcard.  How do you begin to take pictures?  …of course, that dilemma doesn’t really slow down Mom…

After we were done at the arboretum, we went to these great antique stores that were basically big pole barns stuff full of stuff.  This region is famous for it’s furniture making, so there was LOADS of furniture stacked everywhere.

…that’s the OUTSIDE of one of the stores.

So it’s been a happy and relaxing day.  Tomorrow we actually start our drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Excitement!  Stay tuned for more details…


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