Welp, the title pretty much sums it up.  We had another busy day with plenty of quality time spent smooshed together and laughing.

Today the sun was shining so we could see all sorts of beautiful vistas, the pictures of which are still on Mom’s camera, so you will have to wait until tomorrow.  But while I’m thinking about it, here are a few photographic moments from yesterday…

Every time we get in or out of our car, it looks like we belong in the circus.

Amazing view from Mount Mitchell…  pretty much sums up our views from the whole day…

Yeah, I’m not even going to try to explain this picture…  :-D  Draw your own conclusions.

Not gonna lie to you…  we spend most of our time in gift shops buying postcards…

The sign says it all.  We’re just cool.

It’s the most photographed spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway…  we caved to the pressure…

So yes, anyway, that’s all from yesterday.  Tomorrow you can look for today’s pictures.  :-D

We left around 8:30ish again today and headed back to the Parkway.  We stopped at a random visitors’ center, Otters’ Peak maybe?  Before settling in for the long haul on up the Parkway.  Today we spent all of our time looking out the windows; every view looked like a postcard.  It was gorgeous.

Around lunchtime, we headed off the Parkway to the town of Lexington, Virginia.  We wandered around the downtown area and got lunch at a KFC.  The downtown was really lovely and there were a couple of fun bookstores.  Believe or not as  you will, but I didn’t buy a single book.

Back to the Parkway and on up.  Off the Parkway again to stop at a random park…  back story time…

In 1999, our family was vacationing in Virginia.  For those of you as bad at math as I am, that’s 11 years ago, so when Dad decided to take a hike up a mountain, Mom decided to stay at the hotel with Timmy & Mary Rose, who were both pretty young at the time.  Meanwhile, Dad, Matthew & I traveled into the mountains and found this random park, Crabtree Falls, near Montebello (not to be confused with the more famous Monticello) and hiked up along the waterfalls.  Of course, that particular day was almost as foggy as yesterday, so we couldn’t really see much.  But Dad & I were both seized with a wild desire to take this hike again…  which we did today!

So Mom stayed in the car to read a book in the shade, while the rest of us began to toil up the 2.7 mile trail that literally went straight up the side of the mountain.  The girls bugged out about halfway up, but Dad, Timmy, Isaac & I were determined to reach the top.  Crabtree Falls is absolutely beautiful with water flowing allllll the way down the mountain in a series of cascading waterfalls.  And the view was much better from the top today than it was eleven years ago!

We actually made good time, considering the terrain.  Not to leave you hanging, but pictures coming tomorrow.

Made it safely to Charlottesville, and are all settled in here.  We had supper at a fabulous Italian restaurant down the street and are now ready to collapse.  Tomorrow?  Monticello!