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First off, pictures from yesterday!!!

I mean, it’s basically impossible to capture the beauty of the mountains on film, but that doesn’t really stop us from trying.


So this is from Crabtree Falls, where we took the hike.  You can’t really see it in the picture, but the ‘three’ is actually scratched out and replaced with a four…  always a great sign to see…  lol

1.7 miles of cascading falls…  indescribably gorgeous…

Literally had 25 pictures of the falls, all from different locations.  How else do you get Dad to stop on a hike??

Proof that we made it to the top…

View from the top.  We climbed about 1300 feet.

So!  On to today!

This morning we were up and around early enough to be on the first tour at Monticello, which, as I’m sure you all know, was the home of Thomas Jefferson.  Jefferson was a farmer, an architect, a writer, an inventor, and a lawyer, as well as a politician.  The fun thing about politicians of that time was that they didn’t really consider it their first profession at all.  As a matter of fact, one gets the impression that Jefferson couldn’t wait to be finished with his presidency so he could get back to his farm…  my kind of guy.

Monticello is a beautiful house with many unusual and fascinating features.  I especially love the huge verandas off both sides of the house, which double as roofs above the slave quarters/kitchen/stables/ice house/etc.

… I’m not sure what Mary Rose is doing to Timmy…

Jefferson was quite obsessed with octagons, which kind of makes me wish that I was obsessed with a shape…  how random!  We were told today that his other home is built entirely out of octagons, so that would be pretty cool.  Anyway, you can see some of the angles here.  All of the rooms were fascinatingly shaped.

I have a strange fascination with geraniums.  You can’t see it very well, but I’m standing next to the largest geranium I’ve ever seen.

I really want a room like this on my house.  Could someone build it for me, please?

The famous ‘nickel’ view.

Jefferson & I share a passion for peas.  He had almost 30 varieties planted when he was alive!  AMAZING!

Susie & Jefferson really hit it off.

So yes, Monticello was lovely.  We were there for hours!

Afterwards, we headed to downtown Charlottesville.  They have a pedestrian mall that’s several blocks long.  We enjoyed poking around in random shops.

The back to the hotel for naps before supper at a buffet place just across a couple of parking lots away.

Best part of the day?  Hitting up the Toy’r’Us as we cut back across the parking lots.  :-D

As a random sidenote before signing off for the day, we happened to run across this phone booth…

Our favorite part is how they took the phone out of the box to put it into the booth…  hoping Superman shows up, are we??

Tomorrow, off to Hagerstown, Maryland.  Until then, farewell.


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