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And so, here we are in Ohio…  not much to say, really.  The drive was good; we survived; and I really love Ohio.

So far in my life, every trip I have ever been on–and there have been many–my favorite part is getting back home.  I’m just a quiet, routine-oriented girl, and I love Ohio.

I even made it home in time to go to the farm and feed my babies…  all is well.

Stay tuned…  not sure when the next trip will be, but you can be sure that it will be full of thrills and adventures as always.  :-D

Until next time, Happy Trails!


So apparently, before we left, people would ask Timmy where our family was going on vacation and he kept saying that we were going to spend the whole week in Gettysburg.  It’s been a running joke, as we obviously didn’t make it to Gettysburg until yesterday.  But what a lovely week we had once we arrived!

This is my fourth time to Gettysburg; it’s a really neat place.  The most recent time before yesterday was actually this time last year, when Mary Rose & I were on our way home from visiting Seth.  (You can actually read about that trip on this blog as well.)  I hadn’t been there in several years, so that was my first time in a new visitors’ center, which was built in 2008.  There is a very nice museum there, plus this center now houses my favorite part of Gettysburg–the cyclorama.

That painting alone is worth the trip.  It’s beautiful, and was painted quite soon after the actual battle.  The artist actually visited the battlefield with veterans from that battle to gain insight and perspective for his painting.  It was on display for several years in Boston before being moved to Gettysburg for the fiftieth anniversary of the battle.

There really isn’t much to say about Gettysburg.  It’s cool, but not breathtakingly beautiful like the mountains we’ve been driving through all week.  We enjoyed the museum, drove around the battlefield, and then spent the afternoon wandering around town; there are dozens of interesting shops.

Abe is always patient with visitors and willing to answer our questions.

View from Seminary Ridge along the Confederate lines.

View from Little Roundtop at the end of the Union line.

Isaac was really getting into the reenacting!

Backstory…  when Mary Rose & I were at Gettysburg last year, we discovered this tree at the top of Devil’s Den and just thought that it was amazing.  Just as Mary Rose took a picture, a car popped up on the road, ruining the picture.  No biggie, we figured we take another…  except the camera died.  So yesterday we were fulfilled by finally getting this picture… and several more.

Timmy is so cool.

Lunch at this great little cafe that served bottled pop and HUGE portions of French fries.

On the way back to Hagerstown, we stopped at a random Goodwill before arriving at the hotel and meeting Seth, who had driven down from Marietta (PA) to join us for supper…  leftover pizza from the night before!  It was fun to visit with him, especially since he won’t come home to Ohio!

Now we’re getting ready to load up and head home.  No exciting plans for the ride home except survival… we’ll see if it happens!


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