Okay, so because I’m old and we’ve been getting home so late (read: 21:00!) I haven’t posted the last couple of evenings.  But trust me, they have been very busy days, in that lazy-vacation sort of way.

On Wednesday, we drove alllllll the way down to Key West, which is actually almost 100 miles from where we’re staying, so a bit of a haul.

Key West itself…  think college town on steroids.  Lots of bars, lots of crazy stuff.  In some ways, it totally reminded me of Guatemala–brightly colored buildings & clothes, chickens running loose everywhere, people in floppy-brimmed hats & sandals, crowds milling about, stores that were just completely open to the street.  But in other ways, it’s so obviously American…  prices, alcohol, & pushy people.

So overall, totally glad that we went, but not really a place I’m anxious to visit again.

Key West was by far the most crowded place we’ve been all week (which is saying something).  Traffic was crazy, and we were glad to tumble into a parking garage and do most of our touring on foot.  Our first major stop was the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum.  Who doesn’t want to see lots of things with two heads???

(As if weasels aren’t creepy enough with just ::one:: head.)

So most of the museum was full of stuff that was really gross, like how Indian tribes used to kill each other and shrunken heads and torture devices from the Spanish Inquisition (which I totally didn’t expect), so Tom had a great time and took lots of pictures that I’m not including in our family slide show that Isaac & Susan will be watching.

But I think ::everyone:: can appreciate this car covered entirely in dimes!

So after that we basically wandered all the way down Duval Street, popping into random stores, getting some pizza, and watching people all along the way.

Eventually we made it to the southernmost point in the continental United States.

Only 90 miles to Cuba, you know.

And somehow, Key West has become the “Home of the Sunset” even though I’m pretty sure that the west coast would have something to say about that.

Okay, so more later because we’re off yet again.  Tom wants to go parasailing…  we’ll see what happens!