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So Tom had last week off from work, and we spent most of our time tooling around central Ohio.  There’s actually tons to do!  We totally felt like we didn’t accomplish everything we wanted to.  After all, there’s still canoeing on the Hocking River, the Motorcycle Museum, Amish Country, the Glass Museum, and lots of other stuff on our list.  I guess we’ll just have to reserve them for Saturday explorations.

At any rate, I thought I’d share some pictures from our exciting week.  :-D

Sunday: Old Car Show in Lancaster

(I love Camaros.)

(Mary Rose dreams of owning a Nomad.)


Monday: Wayne National Forest’s Wildcat Hollow Trail near Corning, Ohio:

So yeah, basically this trail just wandered around through the woods for about 10 or 12 miles, lol.  It was lovely, but not terribly interesting.  We did kind of feel like explorers, though, because the trail was really narrow and sometimes hard to find.

My favorite part about this trail was how there were no bridges, so we would just scamper across creeks as best we could…  and there were a lot of them!

There was also this abandoned schoolhouse along the trail.  It was kind of creepy.

…Especially the old piano.

After the schoolhouse, the trail wandered through these pine woods that were actually planted by someone originally, as you can tell by the straight rows.

We also found an abandoned oil well, also creepy.

Then, just when we were thinking about eating lunch, something appeared through the trees.  Could it be?

Yes, it was a picnic table in the middle of nowhere!  Perfect.

On the way home, we wandered all over these back dirt roads, some of which were  maintained by the Forest Service, some of which were legit township roads.  It was very exciting, especially when they would get extremely narrow and we were just in the little Turtle!

We also came across this delightfully modest outhouse…  with no door…

Our adventure reached a temporary setback when it deadended into this pond!

But we eventually made it home, and got ready for the next day’s excitement…

Tuesday: COSI with Isaac & Susan!

Okay, seriously, besides the awesome coal mine at the old COSI (which mysteriously didn’t make the shift to the new…  hmm) what does everyone remember the most??

Of course, lifting the car!  How awesome was that?

So, honestly, I didn’t even know that Tom had the camera in his pocket until we were almost done with the day, so I don’t have that many pictures of COSI.  But we had a great time exploring and doing experiments and learning a thing or two, eating lunch, looking at dinosaurs.  The day was hot and muggy but we were in the air conditioning and obviously weren’t going to be affected by the weather, right?

…until we started to leave and it was POURING rain!

But we and the dinosaurs survived (though damp!) and a good time was had by all!

Wednesday: Dayton Air Force Museum

Okay, so if Tom hadn’t gotten sidetracked by Monty Python in high school, he definitely would have become an astronaut, or at least a pilot, so he has a really soft spot for aircraft.  And I just like looking at planes even though I don’t know anything about them.  Combine that with the fact that the museum is free, and you pretty much have the perfect day lined up.

I really don’t know what any of these planes are, and Tom isn’t here to tell me, so I’m just posting the ones I think are extra cool.


I know this one: the SR-71 Blackbird, my personal favorite.  :-D


A personal hovercraft…  who doesn’t want one of these?!


Thursday: Hanging Out at Home (read: Sarah Gets a Clothesline!)

Friday: Franklin Park Conservatory (Butterflies!)

We want to live in a greenhouse just like this one.  How cool would that be?

That’s me on the other side of the log, but you can’t see very well.

Tom and I both love bonsai trees.  They’re awesome.

This has to be the happiest fish pond in the world…  full of brightly colored fish and huge glass balls!



So, that pretty much wraps up our happy week.  Nothing like vacation in Ohio!!!

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