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So, if you live in Ohio and you want to vacation in Colorado but you have to drive there, the problem is that the driving seems to take up all the time you have for vacationing.  So, we decided that we would make our first day a “push” day and make it about 3/4 of the way to Colorado Springs.  We left the house a little before 0600 this morning.



Here’s the Patriot, by the way.  


It’s pretty full up, but we’re confident that we can still fit a moose head in the back when the time comes.  

We stopped in Indianapolis for an hour or so to visit a friend who just bought a super nifty old house there.  He had promised to make us breakfast, but he just got the keys to his new house yesterday, so he isn’t really moved in yet.  They haven’t turned on the gas, so he couldn’t use his stove (which he didn’t know until he went to cook eggs…  luckily, he realized it before actually cracking said eggs…), so in the end we had hot chocolate and sausage links (which we cooked off in the oven and had to eat without any silverware because that hasn’t been moved yet), but it was all good times.  :-D

The rest of the day?  Driving.  We drove through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri (including Saint Louis and Kansas City) and about 2/3 across Kansas.  We’re in the city of Hays now, and super glad to be here.



Over 950 miles of listening to happy music, looking out the windows, and just hanging out.  It’s been a good day, but I’m definitely ready for bed!

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