So we are traveling yet again, but because we are spending a lot of time camping – which means nights where the car is unattended – I didn’t bring my laptop. But this morning (last night was a hotel night) I got to wondering if WordPress had an app…and they do! So I’m going to try it out. Maybe I can still post some updates on our travels!

This time around, we are spending a week in North Carolina. My brother Timmy and his wife, Erin, are along for the ride. Were traveling in Pruitt, our 08 Honda Element (that car is brilliant) and spending the first half of the week exploring mountains and the second half on the Outerbanks.

So far, the trip had been brilliant.

We left Saturday morning and headed south. The drive was fairly uneventful, but we were grateful for the clear weather.

Our destination for the day was the Linville Gorge wilderness area, which is quite near the Blue Ridge Parkway about 70 miles north of Asheville. As we wended our way up the forest roads, we were surprised at how busy the parking areas were. As we looked, though, we realized that almost all the license plates were North Carolina tags – the locals were taking advantage of the gorgeous weather before the tourist season!

We parked at the Table Rock picnic area, which, we discovered, is super popular with rock climbers and rappellers. Timmy loves rappelling, so he got quite excited about trying to come back here someday to try the cliffs.

Like I said, the weather was clear and almost too warm. We loaded up our packs and headed south down the trail. It was narrow and rugged and rocky and quite fun.


A little over a mile out we found a perfect campsite near (I think) Chimney Rocks. The view was spectacular.


We set up camp, and then wandered further down the trail a bit before coming back to fix supper and build a fire.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been taking very many pics on my phone, so while I will try to update later, yesterday’s adventures won’t have very much photographic evidence!