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Some people go really exciting places…  like Europe or California or even Canada.

Not me.

My trips seem to center around places no one really goes out of their way to visit, and usually seem to occur at times when no one wants to go where I’m going.

However, that doesn’t make the journey any less exciting…

Just for clarity, as time progresses, random destinations will have their own page of explanation if you will, along the top of the home page.  You can click on them to read about why in the world I would want to go to this particular spot, and also see the dates of when I was there.  That way, you can find the appropriate blog entries, should you, at some point, be seized with a mad desire to read about past traveling experiences.

The calendar on the left should allow you access to individual blog entries.  And for some reason, WordPress doesn’t feel like publishing the time of entry posting on this site, so the random grouping of numbers at the bottom of the entry?  That’s actually military time (local).